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Friday, February 19, 2010

Welcome to Atlanta

Very little time today (exam tomorrow - EEK!!!), so I'm just going to share something that's too funny, and too perfect:

For the full story:

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Only in Atlanta.

A couple of other odd things that ended up on the highway in the ATL (while I lived there, so I got stuck in these traffic jams):
  • Planes (yes, more than one).  Prop planes love to land on GA 400.  Once such incident made a 6 mile commute take 4 hours. 
  • Brian Nicholls.  Remember the courthouse shooter?  Well, he fled.  And carjacked several vehicles.  And thereby added to the utter chaos that is Atlanta traffic. 
  • Other police chases.  They happen all the time in the ATL: 

  • Wrong-way drivers.  Apparently people in Atlanta are directionally challenged.  They love to drive the wrong way down the highway.  Mainly when either drunk, or being vigilantly pursued by the APD.  
  • Paper.  Doesn't sound weird, does it?  Well, apparently paper is something amazing and awesome in the ATL.  Driving to the farm one day, my friend Ashley and I got stuck in crazy traffic on GA 400.  We were backed up for miles and miles, in total gridlock.  People were driving across the median to turn around and go back home.  We decided to stick it out - in part due to our warped curiosity of what could cause such congestion.  As it turns out, it was paper.  What looked like a couple of reams of printer paper had apparently fallen off of a truck.  The rubbernecking that ensued was enough to back up the already crazy-busy highway for hours.  Stupid Atlantans..

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My mind is on Financial Accounting today, so I KNOW I'm forgetting some great ATL traffic stories.  Share your most memorable traffic moments - from Atlanta, or anywhere else - in a comment below!! 

And a SALUTE to you, Lima the Zebra!!  Way to make the front page! 


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