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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Let's Get Physical

Those of you who know me know that I went on Weight Watchers last year, and was able to lose over 20 lbs.  I dropped from a size 10, to a svelte size 4.  Weight Watchers is amazing, and I'd highly recommend it.

I haven't been on it for a while though, primarily because I'm lazy and didn't stick with it through the holidays, and also because I'm on Adderall now for ADD.  Adderall has the fabulous side effect of significantly decreasing your appetite.  NO, this does NOT mean everyone should run out to get Adderall.  I legitimately suffer from ADD, and it's helping with that.  The weight loss/maintenance is just an added perk.  From what I understand, though, if you don't have ADD and you take Adderall, it can be dangerous and is ineffective, so nobody get any ideas!

Anyway, back to what is probably the real reason I quit WW: LAZINESS.  I have been unmotivated as of late when it comes to my fitness and health.  I look pretty good, and am holding steady at my current size (still a 4), but I am PITIFULLY out of shape.  I need to start exercising again, in a major way.  My energy is low, I'm getting headaches all the time, and I'm less resistant to illness.  I know that is due in large part to my sedentary lifestyle, and my failure to combat the extreme stress I've been under in a constructive way.  

Once I get into the habit of working out, I actually start to like it, and will generally stick with it.  My energy increases, I sleep better, and I feel better overall.  You would think that would be motivation enough to get off my butt then, right?  Nope.  Despite the obvious benefits of exercise, finding the self-discipline to actually develop the habit of working out is damn near impossible (for a lazy person like me, anyway).

Fitness is all around me.  My friends run marathons (Yes, marathons.  I can't run down the hall.  Literally.), teach classes at gyms, take and teach karate, and chase after toddlers all day.  There are blogs I follow that are entirely devoted to fitness, and those blogs that aren't are still partly focused on it.  So, with all of these good influences in my life, why can't I seem to catch the fitness bug?  I need some help in finding my motivation and desire to get in shape again, and more importantly, to FEEL BETTER...

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HELP! How do you guys get your rears in gear after a long fitness hiatus?  Any tips on finding my inner fitness junkie?  I could REALLY use your suggestions.  

Deep Purple - Lazy

You’re lazy just stay in bed
You’re lazy just stay in bed
You don’t want no money
You don’t want no bread

If you’re drowning you don’t clutch no straw
If you’re drowning you don’t clutch no straw
You don’t want to live you don’t want to cry no more

Well my trying ain’t done no good
I said my trying ain’t done no good
You don’t make no effort no not like you should

Lazy you just stay in bed
Lazy you just stay in bed
You don’t want no money
You don’t want no bread 

(Still one of the most disturbing videos of ALL TIME)


Maggie said...

Well, since you asked I'll throw in my two cents. In my case, it's been a process of finding the right type of workout to integrate into my lifestyle and not asking too much of my body at one time. Backstory: I'm not and never will be a fitness junkie. I hate going to the gym and I've got bad knees. I had never made a habit of carving out time each day for me to exercise just because it makes me feel good. Taking the kids out for a walk or a bike ride, for years, was all I did but now they're old enough to not need or want to go with me.
And so. I discovered yoga about a year ago, and I've found that it makes me feel so - good. Stronger and more relaxed and centered. And it's called practicing, not exercising, which is a plus for my stubborn mind. I'm not quite in the habit of practicing every day but the more often I do, the stronger i am and the more changes I see in my body, which is very cool. Lately I've added swimming every day just because we joined a club for the kids but hadn't been in ages. I figured that I had to either use it or cancel. I hate getting my stuff together and driving the 2 miles it takes to get there, but again, I discovered that it feel so good. But I started off only going for 5 minutes, then 10, and I'm up to 20 - it's all baby steps. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the baby steps. And I also found that signing up for a class-- that requires (not too much) money and meets regularly-- was the best motivator for me. I may get to the gym or exercise at other times, but having class a few times a week really makes the difference for me.

Karen said...

I decided volunteer, heading up a local team of Girls on the Run, a non-profit group that goes into the elementary and middle schools and encourages girls to run as well as learn to feel good about themselves and their bodies. It's rewarding AND makes me get off my tooshie. :-)

Stolen Sentiments said...

Karen - I have a friend who volunteers with GOTR and my ex's daughter participates. I would love to do it, but the 3-inch bone spur in my left knee makes running a bad idea...

Anonymous - good call on making an investment. I checked into the MEGA-Y located down the street from me. Indoor heated pool, and a decent schedule of Yoga and Pilates (Like Maggie, I tend to do better with Yoga than "exercise"). It's $50/month, but my company will pay half. I think I can afford $25/month for unlimited classes...

Hymas Family said...

I love that ONJ song. One time I saw her on TV & I thought it was me.

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