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Friday, March 12, 2010

Drop It Like It's Hot

Wow, clumsy doesn't even begin to describe me today.  It's one of those days where I'm just a step off, and therefore can't seem to hold on to anything I pick up, or manage not to screw up everything I touch.  Here are things I have dropped/spilled/ruined today:

1. My coffee.  All over my desk and the jeans I JUST pulled out of the wash, fresh and clean.
2. My iced tea.  All down my arms and all over the table where the jug was sitting.
3. The ice that went in the tea.  On the floor next to the table.
4. My straw for said iced tea.
5. Lettuce, all on the table surrounding the bowl of salad.
6. Croutons.
7. The crouton scoop.
8. A glass of water, all over everything I'm doing.  Now have soaked workpapers and printouts.
9. The door.  Couldn't get out of it because my hands were full.  Made a scene.  Had to get help from a kind bystander.

Wonder what #10 will be...

"Yo! Dance it off, Jo Jessica! Dance it off!!"


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