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Monday, March 8, 2010

Who Are You?

I don't watch the Oscars. I know, I know. Someone as into TV and film as I am should care. I hear you. Wanna know a secret? I rarely watch the Grammy's either. I'm not sure what bothers me about awards shows, but I've never liked them. Since I was little. Watching the Emmy's, Grammy's, Golden Globes, etc., was always my mom's and sister's thing. I'd catch USA's SVU marathon while they played "did you see that?" And, "can you believe she wore that??" (Depending on our respective life stages, they'd either be yelling down the hall to one another, tying up the phone lines, or, nowadays, texting incessantly.) Me? I'm content with checking out the recaps on Eonline.com the next day. This year was no exception. And since USA did not humor me with an SVU marathon, I made my own via Netflix instant download. (Got through the first 5 episodes of Season One...)

Funny thing about the Oscars. Every year, no matter what, there's a movie that I've never even heard of that wins a bajillion awards. This year, it's The Hurt Locker.  In total, The Hurt Locker won six Academy Awards, including Best Picture.  How did I not know a single thing about this movie?  I don't know anyone who's seen it.  I never saw it atop a marquis anywhere around town.  I haven't seen commercials for it, or reviews on it anywhere among my frequently stalked Pop Culture websites.  So, what's the story?  

According to Rotten Tomatoes, The Hurt Locker is, in fact, hella awesome (scoring 97% on the Tomatometer).  It came out last summer (which is why I haven't heard anything on it lately, I guess).  It stars Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, Bryan Geraghty, and Evangeline Lilly (I've only heard of her out of that group) in a "a riveting, suspenseful portrait of the courage under fire of the military’s most unrecognized heroes: the technicians of the bomb squad, who volunteer to challenge the odds..."


What makes The Hurt Locker so super fantastic, per the 36 top critics who gave it a fresh rating, is the believability of the story, coupled with incredible acting on the part of the entire cast (but especially Jeremy Renner).  It's touted as the "first fictional feature about American soldiers in Iraq that doesn't fall apart, or preach to a choir, or turn into a position paper" (Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune), and was supposedly predicted to win a multitude of awards the day it was screened.  I guess this means I will have to check it out.  I suppose I'll add it to my Netflix Queue.  BEHIND Up in the Air, mind you - because no Best Picture Oscar can ever outshine George Clooney in my book.  ME-OW.   

Other winners last night: 

Best Actor: Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart
Best Actress: Sandra Bullock, Blind Side (duh)
Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Waltz, Inglorious Basterds (this is also in my Queue, for the eye-candy factor)
Best Supporting Actress: Mo'nique, Precious (another duh)

Check out the complete list at: Top 40 Charts

Well, I need to work today, so I'm out.  Enjoy your Monday!  :) 


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