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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Random's Manifest - Thursday Thoughts

Do you know what time it is??  THAT'S RIGHT!  Time for my RANDOM THOUGHTS!!!

WOOOOOO!!!  YAHOO!!!!!!! YAY!!!!


Fun times at work today.  YessireeBob.  It's been a fan-frickin'-tabulous day.  I have not moved from my seat since I got here this morning (it's 5:30 in the PM, my time).  Not to eat, drink, pee... Nothing.  I didn't even have any coffee today because I didn't have time to go get it from the kitchen!  (So, with the no food, and no coffee - you can imagine my headache.)  The Adderall has been hella in effect though - since I'm sans nutrients to absorb it - so at least I've been able to concentrate. Whole lotta good it's done me, though.  I've spent the last 7.5 hours on a monster spreadsheet.  My manager looked at it for about 2 seconds, and wants the whole thing redone.  I'm trying not to cry.  Hence the blogging break.  It was that, or somebody gets hurt.  Sigh.  I hate tax season.

Not Really Words, Google

So, I've noticed that whenever I make a comment on someone's blog (at least through Blogspot), I'm asked to enter one of those secret word verifications.  You know what I'm talking about.  They look like this:

Dictionary.com defines "WORD" as: a unit of language, consisting of one or more spoken sounds or their written representation, that functions as a principal carrier of meaning.

I just think it's really funny that Google doesn't actually ask you to enter a WORD for its WORD verification.  I mean, what the hell is an "anonybut"???  An anonymous ass?  I don't see how "anonybut" is a principal carrier of meaning.  Just sayin'... Where are actual words like "green" or "cat" or "cheese"?

Some other great "WORDs" from Google:
  • Begramil 
  • Stecke
  • Concymac
  • Parcat
  • Unstu
  • Fatenec
I haven't gotten anything really funny yet, but I'll be sure to let you know if I do.

Oh - I've always been curious as to what would happen when you hit that handicapped symbol next to the "word" entry space.  So, I did it.  Holy crap!  That's scary stuff!  It sounds like something that would've been transmitted through the Others' radios on LOST.  Seriously, weird.  Try to leave a comment below.  Instead of typing in your secret word, hit the wheelchair and see what happens...

More Fun with Google!

Speaking of Google, it has come to my attention that my blog is now being picked up by the monster search engine.  YAY!!!  Maybe I'll get some random readers from faraway places, and become WORLD FAMOUS!!!!  

My lovely blog traffic monitors tell me what people are searching for when they stumble across Musical Musings.  Mainly, they're looking for Facebook statuses, but that's not all!  Here's a sampling (with my comments): 
  • We are the World (that didn't take long!) 
  • Wise Facebook Statuses (I do have wise friends...) 
  • Ayo for Adderall (HERE! HERE!) 
  • Rachael Flatt Robbed (she sure was!)
  • Prometric and CAT 2010 (I don't think he meant Rupert)
  • Facebook statuses, snowing (there's been a lot of those lately)
  • funny song lines to post as my Facebook status (you've come to the right place!)
  • Boner Stabone (RIP Boner)
  • Valentine's Day movie quote cosmic bitch slap (that was a good one)
And my most favoritest:
  • Something Funny and Clever to Say (I am TRULY flattered that Google thought to send this searcher to me.  At least somebody thinks I say funny and clever things!!) 
Why does Technology HATE ME?? 

We all know how much crap I already get from my work laptop (See: Ayo Technology).  So, I figured it might be wise to buy a computer of my own, for personal use and such.  However, seeing as I just shelled out another $1,600 in exam fees this week, I needed to buy it on a "No Interest for Six Months" plan to be able to get one now.  I was in luck!  GREAT laptop, for an even greater price, and "Bill Me Later" just so happened to be offering those exact terms.  Holla!  (I never say that.  Looks weird coming from my fingertips.)

Or, not...

Since I moved in December, all of my address information EVERYWHERE is jacked up.  Paypal has my old address, and they own Bill Me Later.  So, when I tried to check out with my current address, Bill Me Later gave me the shaft.  Apparently, BML customer service reps aren't actually allowed to serve customers, because when I called to find out what the eff was up, they could tell me NOTHING.  (Literally, said - we can't tell you anything.)  I've tried everything.  I changed my address in the BML system, and it wouldn't update. So, I used my old address at checkout.  Wouldn't take that either.  I've tried to buy the danged computer like 72 times at this point.  No dice.  So, what?  Now I'm so technologically challenged that I can't even BUY technology correctly?  Sigh.  I guess it's a sign from God that I shouldn't be spending money I don't have.  S'pose it's just me and Mr. HP from here on out... 

She showed you, Michael Galanes! 

On Little Miss Perfect the other night, Pageant Director/god/FREAK Michael Galanes said that moms CANNOT do it all, and that the only way a girl will win LMP is if she has a professional entourage (coach, stylist, makeup artist, etc.).  These words of wisdom were directed at one of Tuesday's moms, who spent her free time "stoning" her child's beauty dress.  (i.e. - she put ten zillion rhinestones on the hot pink dress, and even made a hair bow to match!)  Mom said it had taken her roughly SIX WEEKS to add the bling, but that nobody else could do it right, and she wouldn't spend $1,000 on a dress for a five-year-old anyway. Not only did she bedazzle to Kingdom's Come, she did her daughter's makeup, hair, wardrobe, coaching, and choreography herself, too.  Well Michael Galanes, I guess you're eating your pink taffeta words right now, because daughter Mayce is the new Little Miss Perfect Atlanta.  Way to stick it to him, Mom.  Who knows, maybe you have a future as the NEW director/god/FREAK of LMP!

Alrighty, that's it for today.  The not getting up since 10 am is starting to get to me.  Potty break, and back to work.  Hope you're all having just the loveliest of weeks!  Until next time!

(9 to 5 AM, maybe. Wonder what an eight-hour day feels like...)


Anonymous said...

Loved these random thoughts. But you know what-- my favorite was about the not-words. I have pondered these for a long time! I will now compile my faves because since I always post anonymously (or do you have to do it all the time?) I get some awesome stuff out of that program. I just got Sandoss from another post, which is almost a word and so not very interesting. Sounds like a bird. But I will hope for better ones...

Whoa. This one? Fulatiol. A drug?

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