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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm So Tired - Part Deux

So. Now that the insanity that was prepping for my meeting is over, I have officially hit the wall. We were running around scrambling so much this morning that I didn't have time to eat. Well, I did eat my McDonald's hashbrowns and one bite of my Egg McMuffin. But that's it. Got a yogurt parfait at Dean & Deluca, but the double dose of Adderall I scarfed down before the meeting killed the mood. (I did this, NOT because I am a speed junkie like Jodie Sweetin, but because I have a tendency to drift off in meetings. Especially when I'm working on mere minutes of sleep. NOT GOOD. Neither is yawning incessantly, which I am also known to do. So, Adderall- washed down with a large coffee - is the answer.)

I should be starving - especially considering I didn't eat lunch or dinner yesterday - but I am too pooped to think about eating (except, I am trying to force down part of this delicious Heath Bar Crunch Brownie I also got at D&D. So. Good.).  You're probably thinking: Why don't you just go home and eat?  Well, I would, but I still have work to do.  LOTS of work.  Didn't RSVP for the free Chick Fil A tonight because I figured Boss-Man Jr. would want to grab dinner al fin del dia. Turns out, he does. At NINE O'CLOCK IN THE PM. That should put me home around 11:30 tonight. Only to turn around and come back at 8:00 again tomorrow. I have 24 charge hours and it's only Tuesday. AND I'm not done for the day.

So, let's look at the last 48 hours, shall we?

7:00am - Rise & Shine!
8:00am - Get coffee and iced T from Mickey-Ds, and yogurt parfait for later.
8:10am - Make makeshift chicken biscuit from free breakfast scraps.  Scarf down said biscuit.
8:20am - Start workday.
8:31am - Listen to about 15 people make smart-ass comments about how early I was this morning. (Yeah, so - I normally get to work around 10:00.  What of it?)
4:05pm - Realize I should eat something.  Decide on warm yogurt parfait that has been sitting on my desk all day.
6:15pm - Take first break of day.  Create "About Me" section for blog.
7:30pm - Catch up on slacking (read other blogs, email, Facebook).
8:00pm - Start working again.
11:55pm - Leave office.

12:30am - Try to go to sleep.
2:00am - Still trying to go to sleep.
4:00am - Wake from restless sleep.  Force self to go back to sleep.
6:00am - Alarm.  Grr... Hit snooze.
6:15am - Second alarm (whole other alarm clock across the room).  Get out of bed.  Hit snooze. Back in bed.
6:20am - First alarm again.  Get out of bed.  Grumble and swear.  Get attacked by angry cat.
7:30am - Fight traffic.  Purchase coffee and iced tea at Mickey D's.  Also get aforementioned McMuff and HBs.
7:50am - Start day.
8:30am - Boss-Man Jr. arrives.  Wants presentation.
8:32am - Find out Indian office is closed for holiday.  Indian staff did not do research for presentation.
8:38am - Frantically try to find someone else to do research, while I put mad PowerPoint skillz to use.
11:43am - Send presentation to Boss-Man Jr.
11:45am - Make Boss-Man Jr.'s changes.
12.10pm - Boss-Man Sr. decides he doesn't like presentation.  Must do additional research.  Meeting is in 50 minutes.  Presentations not printed or bound.
12:55pm - Presentation finished and printing.  Boss-Man Jr. still wants them bound, even though we're supposed to leave in 5 minutes.
1:22pm - Presentations bound.  Leave for meeting.
1:45pm - Arrive at meeting.  Late.
3:00pm - Leave meeting.  Get food.  Sort of.
3:37pm - Get heel stuck in sidewalk grate.  Walk out of shoe.  Stranger kindly points out: You lost your shoe.  Thanks stranger.  I hadn't realized this.
4:00pm - Arrive back at office.
4:30pm - Stop staring blankly at computer.  Send email.  Blog. Send more email. Blog.
7:13pm - (Now.)  Finish blog.  Must work. Dinner in 2 hours.  Then bed.  Glorious bed. Love bed.  Want to marry bed.  Want to have many of bed's big, soft, cushy babies.  Want to lie in bed like Brian Wilson did.  Want to heave both alarm clocks out window in morning.  Alas - will be here at 8:30am.

Life...is sad.

And Boss-Man Jr. is calling. Undoubtedly to add more to the already 6,000 page-long To Do List...



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