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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow...

Second post today, because it's a SNOW DAY!!

Well, sort of. It is a Saturday, so there's no work to get out of, and it didn't really snow all that much, but WHO CARES! I still call it a snow day - which means I feel absolutely no remorse about still being in my pajamas, and watching Nickelodeon Movies' "Snow Day" on DVD. Yes, it's geared towards 9-year-olds, but that doesn't mean I can't love it, too!

So, here's some random, Snow Day inspired thoughts and musings:

The Soap:

Trolling the Y&R Chat Boards to find out about why in the world CBS found it necessesary to re-cast the role of Tucker McCall (No more Boy Meets World Dad? SAD!), I stumbled across the following comment, which I felt sums up the soap quite nicely:

Fri, Jan 15 - 6:09 pm
I like the current Tucker. I see no need for a new one.

A few suggestions...

Get that baby back to Sharon.
Let Jack be Summer's father.
Find Jill's mother.
Get Lilly some decent hats.

This is still the funniest video ever:


I wonder how much it's costing taxpayers to have the Pres and the VP at the big game today? (I don't have a clue who's playing, and I don't care - but I do know that our fearless leader is taking a day off to partake...)

I wonder if the Ice Cream Man will endure the actual ice today to deliver his goods?

Maybe all this sleet will stay frozen, and the Snow Day will turn into a Snow Weekend, which will then run over into a Snow Monday. Wouldn't that be just the greatest??

I've signed up for NetFlix. I am getting "Post Grad" on Monday. What are the odds that I will live to regret this, as it will likely become one more thing to which I get addicted?

I love Mallomars. Even the store-brand kind.

Oh, Tim, how your Facebook statuses make me laugh: Tim: I've been told that I look just like Timothy McVeigh so you'll excuse me if I don't post a dumbledorfer or what ever it's called.


Brody said...

I've been an on-again, off-again Netflix subscriber since 2001. It's easy to get addicted, but very easy to quit and move on until the mood strikes you again. Cool blog!


Stolen Sentiments said...

Brody,Brody? I've missed you! I was just thinking of you!

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