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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Working for the Weekend

So, it's 1:38, EST. I have yet to work this weekend. Time for some Adderall, a pot of coffee, and some inspirational tunes. I'll let Zune decide what I hear today, vis a vis my "Stuff I Like" auto-mix. First song up, Grey Street (Lilywhite Sessions Version, that is):

Grey Street - Dave Matthews Band

Look at how she listens
She says nothing of what she thinks
Just listens to abuses
And by the kitchen sink...

She thinks, "Hey!
Why do I live to this?
I'm latest on life
How did it end like this?"
Oh, then the wrongs in her heart fall
And she feels the weight in lies
And the colors mix together to grey
Grey Street

Begging now the difference
She prays to God most everynight
Although she swears He doesn't listen
There's hope in her that He just might

She said, "I Pray!"
"But they fall on deaf ears
I'm supposed to take it all on myself
To get out of this place."

But soon the wrongs in her heart fall
And then she rode the light in
Oh, the pain now seems it's over
And again she sees the pain
And then the colors mix together to grey
On Grey Street

It's all colored in again
Take what you can from your dreams
Make it real as anything
Takes the work out of the courage

She said, "Please!"
"There's someone sleeping outside my door
I live on the corner of Grey Street
And the end of the world."

And the wrong in her whole plan
I as hopeless as the day she came
And the man she calls her father
Ignores her and ignores her pain

Oh, when I walk out in the morning
In all this sunlight
And all the colors mix together to grey
On Grey Street
On Grey Street
It's Grey Street, you go

So, if you don't see your Heaven
Don't convince yourself you're done
Just 'cause the things around you seem heavy
Doesn't mean you can give up this ground

When you hold me down in the heart now
Move out and, oh, the wait is over
Oh, might notice of your worry
One another ... (?)
And the colors mix together to grey
On Grey Street
On Grey Street
To grey...
Yeah, yeah...

Hmm... So, the auto-mix didn't cut it. Just too depressing today! So, I made a new playlist called Happy Today. Got some fun stuff on there, like this tasty tidbit (which just so happens to perfectly describe me):

Happy Today mix is much more fun. Too bad it isn't helping with my lack of motivation to work though!


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