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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Swimming Upstream

I asked a particularly busy and overwhelmed (much like myself) friend how she was doing.  She said she was swimming upstream.  That's how I feel right now, too.  So much so, that I'm paralyzed into perpetual procrastination.  Here are all of the things I need to fit into the next 7 hours:

  1. Bar exam application.
  2. Pay my bills (some of which are late).
  3. Download study software for section of the CPA exam that I failed (yep, got the results).
  4. Study with new software, for at least an hour.
  5. Do laundry.
  6. Put away laundry.
  7. Vacuum up Rupert's hair, that's EVERYWHERE from the scratching.
  8. Cancel Rupert's dermatologist appointment, because he IS getting better, and now that I have to take both sections of the exam over again, I can't afford it.
  9. Email 6 people back that I've ignored for the past couple of days.
  10. Some how try to fit in a yoga class at 4:00.
  11. Take shower, so I can show my nasty face in said yoga class.
  12. Make time to watch the Closing Ceremonies.

Oh dear.  I better get to work.


Swimming upstream swimming upstream

Fightin' every inch of the way for a poor boy's dream
Things'll get rough times'll get lean
But the only choice you got is to keep swimming upstream
-Ricky Van Shelton

Friday, February 26, 2010

Welcome to Atlanta - Part Two

Oh for the love of God!

Buffalo injured by car on I-20  | ajc.com

Injured Buffalo On I-20 Shot, Killed By Officers - Atlanta News Story - WGCL Atlanta

Maybe he was trying to find the ZEBRA?? 

Again I say - ONLY IN ATLANTA!!!!

A tribute to our slain hero, the Buffalo: 


(? - February 26, 2010)

Rest in Peace, dear friend, in that big open prairie in the sky...

That's Classy

Way to pick your nose on live TV, Pres.  Nice work.

RIP Boner Stabone :(

For what it's worth, Rachael Flatt, I think you kicked ass.  

USA’s Rachael Flatt reacts...

We'll see you in 2014!  Good luck in the Ivies!  

Lady GaGa - WTF?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Random's Manifest - Thursday Thoughts

It's Random Thoughts Thursday!  My favorite blogging day of the week!  Hooray!  I just finished constructing the most convoluted deal structure diagram in history, so I'm rewarding myself with some lunch-break blogging.  Enjoy! 

WARNING: Topics discussed below will likely have no cohesive theme or, for that matter, make much sense at all.  Read at your own risk.

Rachael Flatt 

I know her performance didn't touch Kim Yu-Na's (South Korea), who broke all world records with her nearly flawless short program on Tuesday night, but I can't get over Rachael Flatt (USA).  I mean, really.  Watch her SHORT PROGRAM and tell me she isn't absolutely adorable.  This could likely be the first year since 1968 that an American lady hasn't graced the podium in women's figure skating, but it won't be for lack of enthusiasm or theatrics.  I know there were mistakes, but I really just enjoyed watching this kid skate.  And I'm excited to see her "go long" tonight.  Don't forget to tune in!  

Rachael Flatt's new short program shows off the sparkly, bubbly side of her personality.

The Itchy and Scratchy Show

Rupert has recovered from his bath, and is now shiny and soft.  But, he continues to both itch and scratch.  He learned how to take off his shirt, and he ripped holes in the E-collar, so we're back to just letting him run free and scratch himself to his heart's content.  He sees a dermatologist on Monday.  Seriously.  A dermatologist. For a CAT.  I can't even afford to go to the dermatologist for myself!  But, I'm going to drop a cool $400 on the Rupster.  I've lost my mind.  And he's insanely spoiled. 

Tax Season Hours

Have I mentioned that I loathe mandatory overtime?  

Finally, Mr. Fed-Ex!  

My eShakti.com dresses arrived, and I am DELIGHTED to say that they are absolutely precious. :)  I ended up liking the second one I ordered even more than the one I discussed a couple weeks ago, so I thought I'd show you guys a picture (I'd model it, but I am waaaaaay too pasty to show my legs to anyone right now).  Unfortunately, they are apparently sold out of it now, and no longer have a picture available.  Thank goodness I ordered it before it was too late!  Once spring rolls around, and I can get some sun, I may post a shot of it for you.  I know you'll all be on the edges of your seats in anticipation...

Hilary Duff's Rock

So, if you follow Hollywood at all, you know Hilary Duff's (you might remember her as Lizzie McGuire) hockey-player boyfriend proposed recently, and presented the former Tween Queen with a MILLION DOLLAR rock.  It's just a little obscene, to say the least.  My mom made a good point - where in the world can she actually wear this thing?  I mean, the paparazzi has (or is it have?  Is paparazzi plural?) caught her in a few different locales sporting the skating rink, but wouldn't you be terrified to cart a cool mil around on your hand?  And she's just a little thing.  I seriously doubt she could beat off a mugger, unless it was a 9-year-old...

Hilary Duff  

Further, I think it's a little distasteful to be spending that kind of money on something as frivolous as a ring.  I love jewelry - A LOT - don't get me wrong. But, we have people starving all over the world, Haiti is in ruins, and our economy is in the toilet (don't get me started on federal spending...).  Couldn't they do something better with that money that spend it on a fatal hold-up waiting to happen?  Did he also spend a mil on the bodyguards that will invariably have to escort Miss Duff everywhere she goes from now on?  If nothing else, he could've at least sent me $130K of it so I could pay off my student loans.  Hmph... 

Abercrombie Hotties & Notties

Abercrombie & Fitch is being sued - again - for discriminating against applicants.  Apparently, the company would not hire a Muslim girl because she chose to wear a hijab, and that contradicted the "image" that Abercrombie is trying to portray through it's cookie-cutter, "beautiful people" employees.  Other discriminatory acts - forcing a guy with a prosthetic arm to work in the back so customers wouldn't see him, and advising against hiring any form of minority.  

I think Abercrombie's behavior is utterly atrocious, but the Jezebel article on the lawsuit kind of gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling.  See, I worked for Abercrombie when I was in college.  So, if Abercrombie really will only hire beautiful people, somebody out there must think I'm a hottie.  Or, at least cute enough to fold six billion sweaters and endure unnaturally loud music for hours on end during the Christmas rush.  Yay me!

My Life As Liz

If you're not watching this hilarious MTV series, you should be.  And if you are, please answer this for me: Is this a reality show?  Or a sitcom?  Or a reality/sitcom hybrid?  There's a lot of confusion out there regarding the existence of Liz Lee, Sully, Taylor, Cori Cooper, and the whole gang.  I want to know if I could actually find these kids if I elected to venture out into Middle of Nowhere, Texas...

Alright.  It's back to work for this girl, because that's what I do (sort of).  Here's a video for your enjoyment, because I just can't get enough of Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam.  Until next time! 

(NOTE: Photos above were stolen from NBC Sports and E! Online, respectively.)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm So Tired

Only a week (well, for me anyway - since I took that hiatus for the exam) into mandatory tax season overtime, and already I'm exhausted.  This does not bode well for the next 2 months... 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trash Talk Tuesday

Welcome to Trash Talk Tuesday!  Every Tuesday, I will render my sometimes scathing opinions on a variety of pop culture phenomenon, including such media outlets as trashy television, pop music, Hollywood starlets, and political icons.    

Note:  The opinions expressed below DO, in fact, represent those of Musical Musings and its management and affiliates.  If you do not agree, argue via comment, or start your own damn blog.  (But really, don't do that.  I don't need any more competition for readership...) 


This week's topic: Pregnant Teens on TV

There are only two types of reality TV that are capable of sucking me in: stories of pregnant teens, and documentaries on child beauty pageants (stay tuned for next week's installment of Trash Talk Tuesday to read my enlightened view on Toddlers & Tiaras.).  I don't know what's wrong with me, but I can't seem to get enough of these two genres.  And, their nation-wide popularity has increased exponentially as of late, and has prompted a multitude of chat rooms, polls, and general public debates regarding their impact on society.

With respect to teen pregnancy, there are three shows that grab my attention: (1) 16 and Pregnant; (2) Teen Mom; and (3) The Secret Life of the American Teenager (I've already humiliated myself in my prior post by admitting I watch this garbage, so I will shamelessly include it in my analysis).  I shall discuss each individually: 

16 and Pregnant

This little gem premiered last year, and followed the lives of roughly 10 teenage girls who found themselves knocked up.  Subjects ranged from veritable trailer trash to stuck-up, upper-middle-class cheerleaders.  All the girls decided to go through with their pregnancies, and the show followed them through being preggers, giving birth, and beyond.  At times, 16 and Pregnant was difficult to watch.  Some of the girls weren't your favorite people by the end of the episode (see last week's episode, for example, starring a surfer girl with no apparent interest in caring for or even knowing her child), but some really pulled at the heartstrings (for me - Maci, Catelynn, and Whitney were particularly gut-wrenching).  

What they all had in common though was that life got really, really tough as the result of a careless and stupid decision to engage in unprotected sex.  None of the 16 and Pregnant girls really glorified teen pregnancy, and in my humble opinion, MTV did a pretty decent job of showing just how badly Teen Mommydom can suck.  I can understand why people are getting riled up about this topic being the center of so many (relatively speaking) TV shows today, but I don't necessarily think 16 and Pregnant is doing a disservice to our youth.  In most cases, the girls that the show follows are extremely disillusioned at the start of their pregnancies, believing wholeheartedly they will marry their respective boyfriends and live happily ever after.  Unfortunately, they're generally forced to face some seriously harsh realities as their bellies expand and their due dates loom.  If I were a teen, watching some of the following crises would really make me think twice before jumping into the sack with a guy (even if I was SOOOOO in love with him, as all but one of the girls claims to be): 
  • Maci: A smart, cute, active, and involved young lady.  She gives up SO much when she gets pregnant - from drill team to high school to her family.  All to have a kid with a total douche.  
  • Whitney: Naive doesn't even begin to cover it.  Sweet, innocent, spoiled, and ends up with a kid with a rare and debilitating disease.
  • Ebony: Her biggest dream is join the Air Force with her boyfriend.  She finds out that both teen parents are not allowed to join the military at the same time, so she has to give up her dream to take care of the baby.  Meanwhile, boyfriend enlists and will get stationed wherever the military sees fit (with or without Ebony and baby in tow).  She didn't finish high school.
  • Farrah: Snotty, spoiled, selfish, and beautiful Farrah decides to go it alone and not get the baby-daddy involved in her pregnancy.  In his place: psycho grandma. See: http://starcasm.net/archives/32070
  • Amber: I feel more sorry for Amber's boyfriend, Gary.  He's a total dolt, but she treats him like crap.  They're a pretty sad couple... 
And the list goes on.  Check out MTV for more.

Teen Mom is the spinoff to 16 and Pregnant, and follows new moms Maci, Amber, Farrah, and Catelynn.  The show really delves in to the trials and tribulations of the first year of motherhood.  Single Farrah just wants to go out and party, but has to deal with her crazy mom's constant guilt-trips (though I think they were well deserved).  Poor Maci is trying so hard, but baby-daddy Ryan is the spawn of Satan.  Amber falls into postpartum depression, and goes so far as to beat up moron Gary in the midst of one of many of their fights.  Basically - teen motherhood blows.  And really takes a toll on high-school sweethearts.  Again, not really seeing how this show would make me want to run out and have a kid at 16...
While I don't believe 16 and Pregnant or Teen Mom glorify teen pregnancy/motherhood, I was surprised at just how much they both blatantly advocated adoption.  Don't get me wrong - I think adoption is a fantastic option for pregnant teens.  A loving family gets the kid they can't, for whatever reason, have on their own, and the teens can finish growing up before they delve into parenthood.  But both shows, and Teen Mom in particular, almost made it seem like putting a child up for adoption would actually improve your life.  Or at the very least, your relationship. 

The show's one couple who chose adoption, Catelynn and Tyler, despite living in a trailer with their trashy parents (Catelynn's mom is married to Tyler's dad, who incidentally JUST got out of jail. It's not incestuous though - Catelynn and Tyler were together first.), are a functional, loving, and lovable pair of level-headed kids.  Yes, giving up their first-born poses a tremendous struggle, but through it Catelynn and Tyler grow so close and are so sickeningly happy with one another, that the show ends with their delightfully charming engagement.  Make me puke/cry.  All I know is - every female viewer in the country, regardless of age or relationship status, wanted her own Tyler by the end of the season.  

Daughter Carly is placed with a lovely couple in North Carolina who, although remaining somewhat anonymous (they won't tell Catelynn and Tyler their last name), keep the teenagers well-apprised of Carly's development and lifestyle.  They send pictures, emails, and sentimental letters, and have agreed to allow Tyler and Catelynn to visit with Carly once or twice a year, finances permitting.  In return, the couple gets to finish high school, fall head-over-heels in love, and even live together (though I wouldn't wish their families on my worst enemy).  They claim they wouldn't even be together if it weren't for having gotten pregnant, and giving Carly up for adoption.  That's a little disconcerting to me, in that some girls might believe that they too can be happy if they just get pregnant and give the baby away.  Teen girls - don't go getting ideas that having a baby and then subsequently giving her up is going to land you the man of your dreams.  Though it worked for these two, the likelihood is that the experience would tear your average teenage couple apart, and result in serious, permanent emotional scars for both...

If there are actually warped perceptions on teen pregnancy and motherhood resulting from television shows, this rubbish is the culprit - and not just because of its horrendous writing and equally terrible acting.  (I know, you're wondering why I watch it.  So am I, honestly.  I think it must be subliminal messaging.  Flash back to the episode of Saved By the Bell where Zack gets all the girls in school to fall in love with him by putting hidden messages in a "Beau Revere" tape.  Yep, I went there...)  

Secret Life totally glamorizes teen motherhood.  No only does Amy get knocked up by the cutest guy in school, the richest, and equally adorable, kid in the class falls madly in love with her at first sight, and supports her through her pregnancy and first year of child-rearing.  Her parents are frighteningly (and very unrealistically) supportive, and her friends get over the audacity of her 15 year-old self getting pregnant - at BAND CAMP for God's sake - FAR too quickly.  Sure Amy has to work after school and forgo some of the fun stuff (but really...not really) to take care of baby John, but otherwise, her life is pretty damn good.  And, as a result of her bad decisions, every girl in school (or at least in the show) decides sex is THE way to go.  Even the bible-beating Grace, who's head of the Chastity Club (like in Glee - only without the humor or subtle irony.  Or talent, for that matter...) jumps in the sack with her idiot boyfriend, and finds out she absolutely LOVES doin' the nasty.  

Even though sex ultimately destroys most of the kids' already precarious and sophomoric "relationships", true consequences are few and far between.  Although I'm hooked on it like John Edwards on extramarital sex, I think Secret Life is a travesty.  If not for atrocious lines like "If anyone says anything to you, I'll stick a rocket in their pocket and send them to the moon", then Secret Life should be cancelled solely for the fact that Bristol Palin will guest star as herself this summer: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/35539881/ns/entertainment-television/   


Bristol Palin: Acting Debut on 'The Secret Life of the American Teenager!'     

Help me, dear friends.  I need a "BAD TV" intervention...

Thoughts??  Discuss!!  

Monday, February 22, 2010

Manic Monday

MANIC being the operative word. Today has been one of those crazy days.  Study break's over and it was back to work.  Sort of.  Suffice it to say, it was difficult to get back into the swing of things.  In large part because of the emotional roller-coaster I found myself on this morning, and of which I couldn't seem to get off.  

I think it started last night when I cried at Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  Yes, I know.  (In my defense, Kourtney DID give birth to Mason Dash on last night's episode.  Weddings and babies are always an excuse for tears.)  But, that emotional irrationality seemed to run beyond trashy TV and trickle into today.  Maybe it's hormones.  Maybe it's the fact that today would've been my first anniversary with The Ex.  Maybe it's the fact that I haven't slept well in a week or that I probably failed the CPA exam AGAIN.  Who knows.  It's probably a little of all of that.  To top it all off, I gave Rupert a bath last night (see Thursday's edition of Random's Manifest for details on our skin dilemma), and he hasn't come out from under the bed since.  I'm quite worried at this point... 

But, alas, we all have these days.  They're the days that set back our attempts at optimism and self-growth.  They're the days that make us wish we'd stayed in bed.  And they're the days when we head home to watch Secret Life of the American Teenager (crap - did I actually admit that in a public forum?), because utter and complete stupidity and absurdity is the only cure for emotional unrest.  Chocolate also helps.  And, getting to bed at a decent hour.  I'm thinking 10:00 sounds like a good bedtime for me tonight.  That way I can see Make It or Break It, too... 

As craptabulous as these days may be, I take comfort in the fact that I always seem to get through them.  Always.  They've never killed me - not even close.  They're just bad days.  And they only have as much power over me as I give them.  I also take comfort in the fact that I am only human.  I'm allowed to have bad days, sad days, mad days, or even rad days (yeah, took the rhyming too far, I know).  In the end, they're all just days.  One of the roughly 29,000 that I'm likely to live through.  So, after a good cry, some chocolate, some reallllllly bad TV, and a decent night's sleep, I'm taking my power back from today.  And remembering that tomorrow's another, brand new, super duper, extra fantastic, rocking rad day.  

(But I will take any suggestions you may have on how to get my cat out from under the bed...)     

Post script: 

Rupert came out from under the bed.  :)  I think he even went downstairs to have a snack.  Whew.  

Also - Can I just say how much I LOVE Hallmark's new line of cards for cheering on your kids??  Moms and Dads out there - go to Hallmark and get a FREE card for your little guys and gals.  I mean, they're free!  I would've absolutely loved to have gotten a card like these from my mom on tough days when I was a kid (hell, let's be honest - I would've loved to have gotten one today!).  What a nice, neat, simple, and FREE thing to do for your little munchkins.  Yay Hallmark!  Salute to you!!

And last - Jen Lancaster IS about to publish a new book!  SOOOO excited!  
My Fair Lazy  I already know it's going to be perfect. Woo hoo!!!!!  

What a difference an hour makes.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Always Look On the Bright Side of Life

As you know, I took the dreaded CPA exam yesterday.  And, yet again, I failed to finish.  Which means that, yet again, I failed.  

This is the third time I've taken this section, and the collective 10th time I've sat for a portion of this stupid exam.  I've been taking it for what feels like a lifetime. I've spent so many hours, and an insane amount of money, on perpetual failure.  All I want to do is say to hell with it and quit. But, I'm SO close now, and I've already put so much of everything I have into it...  

So, with my new super positive outlook on life, I'm trying to actually take something from yesterday's failure, other than the extreme annoyance, exhaustion, and invariable self-loathing that quickly overcame me.  

I'm reading Dr. Dan Baker's What Happy People Know.  It's loaded with psycho-babble, but it also has a lot of wisdom in it as well.  Baker discusses the components of happiness (which is far more complex than you think), and the "Happiness Traps" we all have to navigate in our lifetimes.  Second only to love comes optimism in the list of 12 happiness components.  I thought optimism was just thinking positive all the time - being Mary Sunshine and all that crap.  It is, in a way, but there's a little more to it than that.

Baker defines optimism as "realizing that the more painful the event, the more profound the lesson." (p. 20)  Well, failing the CPA exam yet again, and flushing another thousand+ dollars down the drain is definitely feeling pretty damn painful right now.  So, my job, in the spirit of optimism, is to realize that there's a big lesson in this, and then figure out what that lesson might be. 

I realized that I've already learned a couple of lessons in my fruitless attempts at certification.  Albeit a little too late, I did figure out how I should have been studying all this time.  So, I know that from now until the next test date, I need to put time in every day on my new method, and just get it done.  Also, I finally talked to the folks at the testing center.  Now that I have officially been diagnosed with ADD, I can receive "special accommodation" for the next exam, and take it either un-timed, or at least with extra time.  Either way, the study/extra time one-two punch should be just what I need to finally wrap this damn thing up.  And, I can use these lessons when I sit for the bar this summer, and maybe avoid taking that test twice a year for the rest of my days.  How's that for optimism?

Registration fees for the Financial section of the exam (3 sittings): $1,200.  Rescheduling fee: $96.  Practice test software and study guides: $150.  Wasted effort in Becker courses: $3,500.  Figuring out that there's a bright side to everything: Priceless. 


Friday, February 19, 2010

Welcome to Atlanta

Very little time today (exam tomorrow - EEK!!!), so I'm just going to share something that's too funny, and too perfect:

For the full story:

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Only in Atlanta.

A couple of other odd things that ended up on the highway in the ATL (while I lived there, so I got stuck in these traffic jams):
  • Planes (yes, more than one).  Prop planes love to land on GA 400.  Once such incident made a 6 mile commute take 4 hours. 
  • Brian Nicholls.  Remember the courthouse shooter?  Well, he fled.  And carjacked several vehicles.  And thereby added to the utter chaos that is Atlanta traffic. 
  • Other police chases.  They happen all the time in the ATL: 

  • Wrong-way drivers.  Apparently people in Atlanta are directionally challenged.  They love to drive the wrong way down the highway.  Mainly when either drunk, or being vigilantly pursued by the APD.  
  • Paper.  Doesn't sound weird, does it?  Well, apparently paper is something amazing and awesome in the ATL.  Driving to the farm one day, my friend Ashley and I got stuck in crazy traffic on GA 400.  We were backed up for miles and miles, in total gridlock.  People were driving across the median to turn around and go back home.  We decided to stick it out - in part due to our warped curiosity of what could cause such congestion.  As it turns out, it was paper.  What looked like a couple of reams of printer paper had apparently fallen off of a truck.  The rubbernecking that ensued was enough to back up the already crazy-busy highway for hours.  Stupid Atlantans..

Custom Glitter Text Graphics - http://www.glittertextgraphics.com

My mind is on Financial Accounting today, so I KNOW I'm forgetting some great ATL traffic stories.  Share your most memorable traffic moments - from Atlanta, or anywhere else - in a comment below!! 

And a SALUTE to you, Lima the Zebra!!  Way to make the front page! 

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random's Manifest - Thursday Thoughts

I like being random from time to time, so I've decided Thursdays are now themed!  Every Thursday I will present my random musings.  

WARNING: Topics discussed below will likely have no cohesive theme or, for that matter, make much sense at all.  Read at your own risk. 

Where the HECK are my pens?? 

I have kind of a sick obsession with pens.  I love them.  Seriously.  One of my favorite things to buy are cool pens.  Fountain pens, gel pens, marker pens, ball-point pens.  You name it.  I am particularly fond of the Dr. Grip-type pens, with the big, ergonomically designed grips.  I like these pens for times like this, when I'm studying like crazy and writing a novel's worth of notes.  I have a whole slew of Dr. Grips, but I can't find a single one!  I did just move in December, so chances are they ended up somewhere totally random, but how did they ALL make it there together??  I am just hoping against hope that they didn't make it into the Rescue Mission donation bin.  That's a LOT of money's worth of pens they got if they did... 

Post Script: Thanks to Patty for sharing this gem in her comment below!  SO funny - I had to include it here!

The Itchy Kitty 

The whole Fam-Damily is sick around here.  My sister and nephew have the Swine, and my dad is probably catching it, too.  I've had a migraine forever (see prior post on my laziness and unwillingness to do the one thing that would remedy this - exercise).  Even the pets are sick!  Poor little Stinky Dog (aka Snoopy) is all but crippled with arthritis in this cold weather, and the Rupster is COVERED in hot spots from his terrible allergies.  "That's not funny", you're thinking.  But, you'd be wrong. 

Treating this cat is a trip.  He is unbelievable.  For those of you who know us, you know that poor Rupie had a bit of a brush with death about this same time last year.  He went in for vaccines and got a cortisone shot for the same allergies from which he's currently suffering.  This was standard procedure for Rupert, but this time, the cortisone put him into heart failure, and the Lasiks for the heart failure put him into kidney failure.  He wasn't supposed to survive.  (You're wondering when I'm going to get to the funny part.  Well, hold on - we're almost there.)  They told me, at best, he'd likely have a few months or so.  Well, that would not do!  $5,000, endless prayers, and an ocean of tears later, Rupert was fine. Yep!  MIRACULOUS recovery.  They even call him the Miracle Kitty at the vet.  His heart righted itself and is operating within normal ranges (I know nothing about the heart, so I can't tell you what this means - only that it's good), and his kidney levels are normal as well.  It's been a year, and he's great!  Except for the itching...

Rupert picked up some interesting habits during his stint in the ER.  They make it damn near impossible to treat him for anything, and include: 

  1. Pills - When Rupert sees me open a bottle of pills (he knows when it's for him, versus when it's for me.  It's amazing how he can just tell...), he starts foaming at the mouth.  Like, Rabid Dog foaming.  Drooling buckets. Gallons.  It's gross, but highly effective.  Even if I can get past the drool to shove the pill in his mouth, it dribbles right out!  It doesn't matter what I do, he is NOT going to swallow that pill.  If I am somehow able to catch him off-guard and get the pill in his mouth before his salivary glands go into overdrive, he will store the pill in his cheek like a chipmunk.  Thirty minutes later, while I'm happily watching Toddlers & Tiaras, he'll strut across the room, spit the pill out on the floor, and then saunter off.  He's incredible.
  2. Liquid Medicine - Because of the pilling issue, we switched to liquid antihistamines.  I thought that would have to work.  He had to swallow if 5mm of bubblegum flavored Children's Benedryl was squirted down his throat, right?  I would be WRONG.  He again foams at the mouth, and then will induce vomiting, if the drooling isn't effective enough for his liking.  Now, I have Benedryl all over my carpet, sweatshirt,  bedspread, and chair, and I still have an itchy cat.
  3. The Baby-T - The vet suggested that I make my cat wear a shirt to cover the itchy sores.  He wouldn't be able to chew/lick if his skin was covered.  Made sense, so I went to the dollar store and bought some baby onesies.  I was able to wrestle Rupert into the onesie, but once it was on him, he literally fell over onto the floor and wouldn't move.  He refuses to walk, and lies "straight-jacket style" wherever I happened to have clothed him.  I figured this would wear off, and he'd get over it.  I mean, the cat has to eat, right?  Well, apparently he doesn't.  His record is 36 hours in the same spot, refusing to move for food, water, or the litter box.  Clearly, the Baby-T approach isn't going to cut it.  
  4. The Conehead - I hate "E-Collars" (short for Elizabethan - like Queen Elizabeth used to wear).  They are terrible.  You know what I'm talking about - they're also referred to as cones, halos, or whatever.  Rupert hates them, too.  A LOT.  He has a similar response to the E-Collar as he does to the Baby-T, except, add to the list of behaviors that he will only walk backwards while wearing one.  Amusing for me, miserable for him...
  5. "Bitter Yuck" - Yep, there's a medicine named Bitter Yuck.  It's supposed to totally gross the cat out, so it won't chew.  I bought said "Yuck" at PetSmart the other day and promptly applied it to Rupert's wounded shoulder.  He looked at me warily, and proceeded to lick it right off.  Didn't even flinch.  I closed the bottle, taped the receipt to it, and will be returning it for a full refund. 
So, what ARE we going to do with the itchy kitty?  I was just going to deal with it, but it's gotten horrible.  Therefore, I chose the lesser of the aforementioned evils, which happens to be the E-Collar.  I guess, since his shoulders and arms are free, he's more willing to deal with it than the Baby-T.  So, he's a conehead now.  He hates me.  But at least he isn't chewing holes into his flesh anymore! 

(He's too ashamed to look at the camera.) 

Ice Cream Man

I've been home studying all week.  The Ice-Cream man is back.  Every day.  The other day, he made his rounds at 7:00 pm.  It was dark, and at that point, 27 degrees.  WTH?  

Blogger Woes

Inserting images into a post is tough.  I still can't get text wrap to work where I actually want the picture to go.  I wanted to insert that picture of Queen Elizabeth into the Rupert portion of the post, but it wouldn't let me put it under the E-Collar discussion.  Only at the beginning of the list of Rupie habits.  Grr... 

Another blogger woe - READERSHIP.  Please - recommend Musical Musings to your friends!  Follow me!  Read me every day!  I'm so fun!  And witty!  And cute! 

Waiting on Fed-Ex

I still haven't gotten my dresses from eShakti.com.  I'm hoping I don't end up disappointed with this company, because they have some GREAT stuff.  This new skirt, in particular, is on my wish list: 

Sash waist embellished skirt

C-ute!!!  If my dresses get here and fit, and don't arrive sometime next winter, I'll probably order it.  I don't know what's gotten into me with the shopping thing.  I act like I actually have money!  I think it's part of my desire to completely reinvent myself this year.  I would like to start fresh with a new wardrobe, to go with my new attitude.  Other things I'd like to do this year include: 
  • Watch all 7 seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (again)
  • Read at least 3 books/month
  • Pass the CPA exam and the Bar
  • Join a book club
  • Get in shape
  • Meet my future husband
I'm thinking the first two are actually doable... 

Alright, well, that's it for today!  Back to learning about Stockholders' Equity and Capital Leases.  Don't be too jealous.  

Here's a random video to go with my random thoughts.  LOVE this song! (And the 80's mix I've been listening to that inspired it.)  As for the video, I have NO idea...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Let's Get Physical

Those of you who know me know that I went on Weight Watchers last year, and was able to lose over 20 lbs.  I dropped from a size 10, to a svelte size 4.  Weight Watchers is amazing, and I'd highly recommend it.

I haven't been on it for a while though, primarily because I'm lazy and didn't stick with it through the holidays, and also because I'm on Adderall now for ADD.  Adderall has the fabulous side effect of significantly decreasing your appetite.  NO, this does NOT mean everyone should run out to get Adderall.  I legitimately suffer from ADD, and it's helping with that.  The weight loss/maintenance is just an added perk.  From what I understand, though, if you don't have ADD and you take Adderall, it can be dangerous and is ineffective, so nobody get any ideas!

Anyway, back to what is probably the real reason I quit WW: LAZINESS.  I have been unmotivated as of late when it comes to my fitness and health.  I look pretty good, and am holding steady at my current size (still a 4), but I am PITIFULLY out of shape.  I need to start exercising again, in a major way.  My energy is low, I'm getting headaches all the time, and I'm less resistant to illness.  I know that is due in large part to my sedentary lifestyle, and my failure to combat the extreme stress I've been under in a constructive way.  

Once I get into the habit of working out, I actually start to like it, and will generally stick with it.  My energy increases, I sleep better, and I feel better overall.  You would think that would be motivation enough to get off my butt then, right?  Nope.  Despite the obvious benefits of exercise, finding the self-discipline to actually develop the habit of working out is damn near impossible (for a lazy person like me, anyway).

Fitness is all around me.  My friends run marathons (Yes, marathons.  I can't run down the hall.  Literally.), teach classes at gyms, take and teach karate, and chase after toddlers all day.  There are blogs I follow that are entirely devoted to fitness, and those blogs that aren't are still partly focused on it.  So, with all of these good influences in my life, why can't I seem to catch the fitness bug?  I need some help in finding my motivation and desire to get in shape again, and more importantly, to FEEL BETTER...

Custom Glitter Text Graphics - http://www.glittertextgraphics.com

HELP! How do you guys get your rears in gear after a long fitness hiatus?  Any tips on finding my inner fitness junkie?  I could REALLY use your suggestions.  

Deep Purple - Lazy

You’re lazy just stay in bed
You’re lazy just stay in bed
You don’t want no money
You don’t want no bread

If you’re drowning you don’t clutch no straw
If you’re drowning you don’t clutch no straw
You don’t want to live you don’t want to cry no more

Well my trying ain’t done no good
I said my trying ain’t done no good
You don’t make no effort no not like you should

Lazy you just stay in bed
Lazy you just stay in bed
You don’t want no money
You don’t want no bread 

(Still one of the most disturbing videos of ALL TIME)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Eye of the Tiger

I LOVE me a good underdog story.  As a frequent underdog, they're truly heartening, and help me put my own life in perspective.  It's actually a really good thing that my existential dilemma has come in the middle of the Winter Olympics, because the Games are always a source of inspiration, and laden with tales of the "least likely" becoming the "most likely."  Last night's Pairs Figure Skating finals were no exception.  

Until this year, it was positively laughable to think that China could produce gold-medal figure skaters.  They rarely, if ever, even make it to the podium.  So, when China's Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao laid down a BREATHTAKING short program on Valentine's Day, everyone across the globe became a true-blue fan of the underdog. 

This couple is so cute.  They started skating together 18 LOOOONG years ago, when she was just 13, and he was 18.  By Chinese skating standards, these kids kicked butt.  By world standards, they weren't really anything to write home about.  They've been to the Olympics 4 times now, and are some of the oldest skaters in competition (at the ages of 31 and 36).  They married in 2007, and thought their careers were over, but their lives together could begin.  Well, Xue and Hongbo - WRONG!!  Their coach decided they would have one last hurrah - at the 2010 Olympic Games.  They moved into separate dorm rooms in the training center, and put married life on hold for a while to train for this last Olympics (for them), and boy did it pay off.  Not only did they medal, they won!  

The long program had some mistakes, but not enough to cancel out the highest scoring short program in Olympic history.  Watching them skate gave me chills, and when they were announced as the Gold Medal winner, I actually cried.  Yep, I did.  

The coolest thing about this victory?  Standing next to them, on the silver medal podium, was YET ANOTHER Chinese long-shot!  Qing Pang and Jian Tong  were in fourth place going into the long, and nobody thought much of them.  They were more than 5 points behind the leaders, but made a really nice showing.  Definitely enough to make China proud, but likely not enough to win a medal.  

Or so we all thought.  When the Russians and Germans both had falls and major missteps in their routines, the second Chinese pair had a shot at medaling.  And boy-howdy, did they take it.  I literally had goosebumps at the end of the 4.5 minutes, and cheered so loudly that I scared Rupert out of the room.  By miles, they had the best long program of the night.  Flawless, full of love, and fraught with passion.  Truly, an inspiration.  These two, together with their teammates, made Olympic and Chinese history last night. I'm pretty psyched that I was able to witness it.

Seeing such amazing perseverance, and realizing how blood, sweat, tears, and dedication can actually pay off, has really changed my perspective in the last 36 hours.  I got off of my butt, bought a new office chair, downloaded some CPA exam practice software, and moved the exam to Saturday.  I'm taking two days of unpaid leave to focus on preparing for this test.  My days of self-sabotage are over.  I am pulling together my bar exam application, applying for a bar loan, and putting the online dating on hold.  I've started a new book: What Happy People Know, and I'm going to work on overcoming my fear (both of failure, and success).  It's a brand new me.     

Sunday wasn't only "Single Awareness Day", it was Chinese New Year.  2010 marks the Year of the Tiger.  I decided that it's going to be my New Year, too.  The last 6 weeks are behind me, and it's time for a fresh start.  What better time to start over than now?  . 

Thanks to Shen, Zhao, Pang, and Tong, the Year of the Tiger is off to a pretty amazing start for the Chinese.  I think it may just be their year.  And maybe it'll be mine, too...  

Side Note: Along with Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day, this week marks President's Day, Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, and the start of Lent.  Whew! It's a holiday extravaganza!  To celebrate Fat Tuesday, here's an old favorite:

And for me and the Chinese:


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