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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Swimming Upstream

I asked a particularly busy and overwhelmed (much like myself) friend how she was doing.  She said she was swimming upstream.  That's how I feel right now, too.  So much so, that I'm paralyzed into perpetual procrastination.  Here are all of the things I need to fit into the next 7 hours:

  1. Bar exam application.
  2. Pay my bills (some of which are late).
  3. Download study software for section of the CPA exam that I failed (yep, got the results).
  4. Study with new software, for at least an hour.
  5. Do laundry.
  6. Put away laundry.
  7. Vacuum up Rupert's hair, that's EVERYWHERE from the scratching.
  8. Cancel Rupert's dermatologist appointment, because he IS getting better, and now that I have to take both sections of the exam over again, I can't afford it.
  9. Email 6 people back that I've ignored for the past couple of days.
  10. Some how try to fit in a yoga class at 4:00.
  11. Take shower, so I can show my nasty face in said yoga class.
  12. Make time to watch the Closing Ceremonies.

Oh dear.  I better get to work.


Swimming upstream swimming upstream

Fightin' every inch of the way for a poor boy's dream
Things'll get rough times'll get lean
But the only choice you got is to keep swimming upstream
-Ricky Van Shelton


Anonymous said...

There are the salmon! Yes! That's what we're doing... though they look more lively than I feel right now. All I can hope is that we, unlike the salmon, are not killing ourselves in the pursuit of... dying. At least not yet, right? We can do it!

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