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Monday, February 22, 2010

Manic Monday

MANIC being the operative word. Today has been one of those crazy days.  Study break's over and it was back to work.  Sort of.  Suffice it to say, it was difficult to get back into the swing of things.  In large part because of the emotional roller-coaster I found myself on this morning, and of which I couldn't seem to get off.  

I think it started last night when I cried at Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  Yes, I know.  (In my defense, Kourtney DID give birth to Mason Dash on last night's episode.  Weddings and babies are always an excuse for tears.)  But, that emotional irrationality seemed to run beyond trashy TV and trickle into today.  Maybe it's hormones.  Maybe it's the fact that today would've been my first anniversary with The Ex.  Maybe it's the fact that I haven't slept well in a week or that I probably failed the CPA exam AGAIN.  Who knows.  It's probably a little of all of that.  To top it all off, I gave Rupert a bath last night (see Thursday's edition of Random's Manifest for details on our skin dilemma), and he hasn't come out from under the bed since.  I'm quite worried at this point... 

But, alas, we all have these days.  They're the days that set back our attempts at optimism and self-growth.  They're the days that make us wish we'd stayed in bed.  And they're the days when we head home to watch Secret Life of the American Teenager (crap - did I actually admit that in a public forum?), because utter and complete stupidity and absurdity is the only cure for emotional unrest.  Chocolate also helps.  And, getting to bed at a decent hour.  I'm thinking 10:00 sounds like a good bedtime for me tonight.  That way I can see Make It or Break It, too... 

As craptabulous as these days may be, I take comfort in the fact that I always seem to get through them.  Always.  They've never killed me - not even close.  They're just bad days.  And they only have as much power over me as I give them.  I also take comfort in the fact that I am only human.  I'm allowed to have bad days, sad days, mad days, or even rad days (yeah, took the rhyming too far, I know).  In the end, they're all just days.  One of the roughly 29,000 that I'm likely to live through.  So, after a good cry, some chocolate, some reallllllly bad TV, and a decent night's sleep, I'm taking my power back from today.  And remembering that tomorrow's another, brand new, super duper, extra fantastic, rocking rad day.  

(But I will take any suggestions you may have on how to get my cat out from under the bed...)     

Post script: 

Rupert came out from under the bed.  :)  I think he even went downstairs to have a snack.  Whew.  

Also - Can I just say how much I LOVE Hallmark's new line of cards for cheering on your kids??  Moms and Dads out there - go to Hallmark and get a FREE card for your little guys and gals.  I mean, they're free!  I would've absolutely loved to have gotten a card like these from my mom on tough days when I was a kid (hell, let's be honest - I would've loved to have gotten one today!).  What a nice, neat, simple, and FREE thing to do for your little munchkins.  Yay Hallmark!  Salute to you!!

And last - Jen Lancaster IS about to publish a new book!  SOOOO excited!  
My Fair Lazy  I already know it's going to be perfect. Woo hoo!!!!!  

What a difference an hour makes.


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