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Monday, March 22, 2010

Kiss Off

Here's some stuff I've learned today:
  1. I spoke too soon in my tribute to spring, as it ended up being 45 degrees and rainy today.  
  2. Even Boss-Man Jr. can lose his "Get Out of Jail Free Because You're a Saint" card if he asks me to spend hours doing every project over again, and then decides he actually likes them better the original way, thus forcing me to spend hours changing them back.
  3. The Facebook virus is still on the loose.  Oops. 
  4. Deac isn't a fan of my incessant, pointless emails.  (I can't imagine why!!)  
  5. I am a jerk for bitching about my salary.  (This epiphany occurred when I was pulling stats on low-income communities in my city.) 
  6. Chargers are actually little plate thingies you put under dinner plates (like trivets).  
  7. I won a set of 4 chargers from my friend Sam's blog
  8. If I break my computer, I can get Windows 7 on it, instead of Windows Vista.  Hmm...
  9. Zyrtec-D  makes me VERY. VERY. CRANKY. 

    10.  I am not above creating an entire, pointless post, just so I can share                            the above image. 

That is all. 


The Chicken's Consigliere said...

SS you mean random. Never say pointless. There is always a point even if it is to strive for pointlessness. Don't know about you but that makes perfect sense almost to me. Is that a gnome or is it grumpy dwarf? And what is the difference between a gnome and the dwarves because they all had those pointy hats, didn't they? Maybe not.

Stolen Sentiments said...

Random it is!!

And, you pose an excellent question there. Are gnomes the same as dwarfs? According to Travelocity, the above would be a gnome. But Walt says it's a dwarf. Who to believe??

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