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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm So Tired - Part Deux - Part Deux

And the day drags on...

7:30pm - Quit screwing around on blog and actually worked.
7:45pm - Quickly got distracted by boy.  (Was ex-boy, but now friend-boy. NOT The Ex - so don't freak out.  Ex-boy from several years ago.  We shall call him Deac.)
7:55pm - Let my delirium take hostage of my fingers and use them to scare Deac with my neurosis (via IM).
8:02pm - Deac recovered.  Still seems to think I'm cool.  Or, something...
8:06pm - Back to work.  For reals this time.
9:04pm - Wondering why I haven't heard from Boss-Man Jr.  Still no food.
9:14pm - Still wondering...
9:38pm - ...and waiting...
9:45pm - ...and realizing I've been forgotten...
10:01pm - Ask Boss-Man Jr. what happened to him.
Response: GAH!  It's 10:00!!!  I'm still here!!! (At work.  Where I also am.) Where can we go eat? (Boss-Man Jr. is in from a much hipper city in New England.) 
Me: Nowhere.  This is Lame-Ville, Southeast, USA.  Nothing's open but IHOP.  (Boss-Man Jr. is of the  health-conscious variety.  Will not consume grease and lard.  I, however, say - BRING ON THE FAT!)
10:10pm - Boss-Man Jr. calls office phone to apologize profusely.  (A little something you should know about Boss-Man Jr. - he's literally the nicest person I've ever met. EVER.  Should be sainted.  It's hard to have a boss that nice, because you're supposed to hate your boss.  It's like a law or something.  But, if you hate Boss-Man Jr., you're basically the Devil incarnate.  It's like hating Mother Teresa.)
10:13pm - I assure Boss-Man Jr. that it is okay.  He bids me adieu.  We shall reconvene in the AM.
10:27pm - (Now.) I am writing this.  And packing up.  And heading home.  Where I shall promptly pass out - God willing.




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