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Monday, March 15, 2010

Don't You Forget About Me

Hey, look!  I finally added an "About Me" section!  Check it out!!  : )  


Sam Zavitz said...

Um, hi. I have a number of comments, so I feel that I should post them in alpha-numeric order:

1. Did I read something in your blog about Atlanta? If you are in the A-T-L permanently {or at least semi-} and I was not informed, I will have to drop-kick yo a$$ harder than you did the ex-boy toy. NOT cool.
2. You make me laugh with unusual fervor.
C. I need a RMH t-shirt. Hook me up, yo?
3. Yes, I intentionally just switched from numbers to letters and back again. I thought it was something Mrs. Canavan of 7th Grade English would have despised and something Mr. Owen of cooler 7th Grade English would instead have laughed at because he would have understood the intention.
4.I found a picture of you and me at the 8th grade dance the other day. I do not lie when I say our clothing choices have improved with age. Elastic and ruffles ~ what he HELL was I thinking?!
5. You should check out my new blog. None of that family crap weighing it down. Instead I write about important things, like me secret love affair with Dr. Drew. www.theanswersaresimple.blogspot.com

We should talk. Soon.

Stolen Sentiments said...

1. I often refer to the ATL. However, I am no longer living there. In the CLT now (that's Charlotte). No drop-kicking necessary. But, I will def let you know the next time I head south to see my dad. I'd LOVE to meet up! And meet that adorable little pumpkin of yours!
2. Aww!! Yay! I'm glad I make someone laugh! You're so sweet. :)
C. Hells yeah! I'll send you an email on FB with the deets.
3. MR. OWEN! HUUUUGE crush on that guy!
4. TOTALLY remember my dress. I borrowed it from Lindsay Fletcher. Yes, we've come a loooong way, baby!
5. Ooo, hooray! I shall add it to my Blog Roll and stalk it with fervor.

Yes - talk soon, for sure!!


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