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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Trash Talk Tuesday


So, it's 11:24 and I have to get up at 5:45 to leave Destination A, and haul ass to Destination B for all-day meetings.  And, I have roughly 3 hours of work left tonight.  Hmm...

Needless to say -- keeping it brief. 

Today's Topic: Look Alikes on Y&R

My soap is lame.  It's the least lame of soaps, though, to be perfectly honest.  And yes, I know that isn't saying much.  While I am totally addicted to this garbage, and will probably watch it to the grave, it does piss me off from time to time.  What has really chapped my hide as of late is the need that the producers/writers/directors have to run the same, stupid storyline/plot twist OVER AND OVER again.  The particular storyline to which I'm referring - people with the EXACT same face as someone else. 

Off the top of my head, I remember it starting with Sheila Carter.  Shelia originally looked like this: 

Meanwhile, this is Phyllis Newman

Phyllis is best friends with Lauren Fenmore Baldwin

Who just so happens to be Sheila's arch-nemesis.  

Sheila does a bunch of terrible things to Lauren, blah, blah, blah, and disappears for what everyone assumes will be forever.  Never assume people.  You just make an ass out of u and me.

Of course, Sheila comes back to Genoa City after her presumed death, only she looks like this: 

Which makes it real easy to get to Lauren, since Lauren of course thinks she's Phyllis - her BFF.  (Incidentally, it also saves the show's creators a pretty chunk of change, as now only one actor - Michelle Stafford - needs to be paid for two roles.)  Lauren eventually realizes Phyllis has a dopelganger though, and shoots the fake Phyllis/real Sheila.  In the conservatory.  With the revolver.  Sheila dies.  Maybe... 

A couple of years later, we meet Mary Jane Benson

A lovely PR rep who goes after Y&R flagship Jack Abbott with the jaws of life.  Is it just me, or is there something off about MJ?  Nope - it isn't just me.  She's actually Patty Williams!: 

tammybarr.jpg image by daytimeconfidential

Patty was Jack's wife a million years ago, but she went crazy and tried to kill him.  But now she's back from the psych ward to snag her man!  If she kills a few people in the process, no big!  Until her psychiatrist Emily Peterson shows up to save the day... 

Hmm... She looks familiar...  

Turns out, Patty admired the good Doc so much, she stole her face.  And when Jackie-poo falls in love with Emily and marries her, Patty busts out of the joint (or padded cell, in this case), pulls a switcharoo with dear Emily, and once again becomes Mrs. Jack Abbott.  Funny how the men on this show never seem to realize that, although the face might look the same, they're screwing an entirely different person.  I mean, does a facial reconstruction come with a full-body makeover and reshaping?  Not to mention the voices...  Even their birthmarks would have to be the same!

Tired of this game yet?  Yeah - me too.  But, apparently the writers aren't!

Patty's still on the rampage and nobody knows it.  And, I think she may have it out for Phyllis (who, incidentally is Jack's ex)...

Regardless, somebody is terrorizing Lauren now.  Remember Lauren?: 

She and Jana (love Jana!) have been kidnapped and are being held hostage by none other than Shelia's sister, Sarah Smythe

Confused?  Join the club.  Sick of this?  YOU BETCHA.  

Y&R - if you can't afford two actresses for two roles, then JUST KEEP IT AT ONE ROLE!  Do NOT keep duplicating faces!  Seriously.  If it were that easy, we'd all look like this: 

Or this: 

Or this: 

Wouldn't that be nice??  

Well - now that I've visually scrambled your brains, I shall take my leave.  Have a wonderful rest of your  Trashy Tuesday.  



Anonymous said...

SS, this was awesome. It just confirms my hatred of soaps, but it was awesome!

WordsByKatie said...

Oh my gosh-- Y&R hasn't changed since I stopped watching it a few years ago. I swore that if I heard the name "Sheila Carter" one more time...

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