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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Trash Talk Tuesday


Today’s Topic:
What is there really to say about taxes?  Other than they SUCK ASS, that is…  Well, that and the fact that they are preempting this week’s Trash Talk witticisms.  I desperately need my refund, and we’re coming up quickly on the 4/15 deadline, so my allotted blogging time today must go towards the preparation of my Form 1040.  Joy. 

So, in the ULTIMATE cop-out, I am presenting you with a special treat!  Below you will find the funniest tax-themed sitcom episode EVER.  Enjoy! 

(I do encourage you to watch – you WILL NOT be disappointed.  I guarantee it.)

April Fool’s Day – Part 1

April Fool’s Day – Part 2

April Fool’s Day – Part 3


Donda said...

I love Roseanne and I hate taxes!!!

Stolen Sentiments said...

ME TOO! I was watching Roseanne on TV Land the other night, and it was the series finale. After the WORST final season in HISTORY, she really pulled that off, I thought. Do you remember it? Agree?

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