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Monday, April 5, 2010

Have Fun, Go Mad - Finals Edition


First off - no, I didn't die of starvation.  (I survived my fast and indulged myself with a Chick-Fil-A milkshake, and a plethora of other junk afterwards.  Yum!)  I just decided to take the weekend off from all things computer in order to sleep - a lot - and celebrate Easter with the fam.  And today, I had to make up for days of not working.  (I'm actually quite proud - a good 12 hours of focused work.  Go me!)

Next - Some words on the real March Madness:

Booo!!!!!!  I so wanted Butler to win.  I love a good underdog story! (And I hate Duke)  But, alas, the Devils pulled it out.  Apparently in a nail-biter.  I was working and missed the game, myself.  Eh, no big loss (except for Butler, that is...)

Now, for the BEST March Madness - CAKE v. PIE!!

Remember that I'm stalking this fierce competition diligently.  You may also remember that my picks for the Elite Eight included the following:
  1. Birthday (already chosen)
  2. Apple (already chosen)
  3. German Chocolate
  4. Red Velvet
  5. Carrot
  6. Boston Creme
  7. Blueberry
  8. French Silk  
Well folks, THIS is why I don't gamble: 

The Pie Vs. Cake Championship Match: One Dessert To Rule Them All
Only 2 out of my 6 original Elite Eight picks.  Sorry stuff.  I'm shocked to see both of these contenders in the finals, too.  I would think Apple Pie would've made it - if for no other reason than most people are horribly predictable.  But, it looks like Cheesecake v. Red Velvet.  My money's on Cheesecake - even if my fork would be in the Red Velvet...

Jezebel closes voting for the finals at 2:00 pm EST tomorrow (Tuesday).  Be sure to jet on over there and cast your votes.

Alright, I'm tired (and lame, I know).  Off to bed for me.  I'm SO behind on all of your blogs.  I promise to catch up ASAP.  I've missed you all!  

Sweet dreams of Pie and Cake. 

<3 K

Oh yeah - for the Blue Devils: 



Miss Morgan said...

holy cake. how did i not know about this cake vs pie showdown?? i am cake's biggest champion, cake's number one fan.

personally i feel that birthday cake tops all. hands down. or, like, cake down, i guess, cuz cakes don't have hands.

Anonymous said...

So glad you made it through The Ordeal and celebrated your holiday with your family and slept. Sleep is the best. I miss it right now.

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