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Thursday, April 7, 2011


Top Five Music Memories, That Is 

Again, thanks to Katie at Words For Katie (serving as a conduit for Meghan at The Perfect Compilation Tape), I have a new topic for a post!  Generally I'm not too in to the theme days at other blogs - I like my own randomness and trash talking - but this one is perfect for me! 

Meghan does "Top Five Thursdays", and today's topic just so happens to center around music!  Perfecto! 

So, without further ado, my Top Five Music Memories (in chronological order): 

1. Dreams - My mom loves to tell the story of how I would sit in my carseat when I was two and sing along to this song.  One day, my adorable toddler self said "Mommy, I have a friend named Crystal but she doesn't have a vision."  How cute was I??? 

2. Billie Jean - Or, really, any of the songs included in the setlist for the 1984 Jackson Victory Tour.  This was the first concert I attended at the ripe age of five.  I remember thinking how cool it was that I was getting to stay up until MIDNIGHT!  I didn't even know a 12:00 am existed until then! 

3. Can't Promise You the World - 6th and 7th Grade.  Back of the bus.  Giant yellow Sony "Sports Edition" cassette walkman.  The Whisper Tames the Lion and Fly Me Courageous - both played until they would play no more.  No doubt, the favorite band of my 'tween years (and why shouldn't they be, seeing as they formed just down the street from me?).  And the first concert I attended without parents (at the awkward age of thirteen).  This takes me back... 

4. Recently - Thanks to my hip older sis', I was ahead of my time on this one.  She brought me the tape of Remember Two Things after having sat on the stage with the band at a local show in Tuscaloosa, AL.  Dave was a nobody then, and I LOVED HIM.  That tape would start a years-long love affair with DMB that would last until "He Did It" and the crowd turned into passed-out drunk fourteen-year-olds. But, alas, the brass-enhanced jam band sounds of this pride of Virginia defined my high school days.  

5. At This Point In My Life - The title of my senior English project in high school, and my final yearbook quote ("I've conquered hills, but I still have mountains to climb").  It was perfect then, and it's perfect now.  Sums up all the struggles in life - from relationships to family to failure to success.  I admit it, I'm tearing up just a little hearing it play in the background.  Listen to the words... 

And there you have it.  I hope you've enjoyed this walk down memory lane with me.  I know I really, REALLY have.  So thanks again to Katie and Meghan.  You other bloggers out there should post this, too.  Cathartic experience, I must say... 

Happy Thursday! 


Meghan said...

Ahh. Fleetwood Mac. They can do no wrong in my book:)

Thanks for linking up - it's always fun to look back, isn't it?

Heather said...

I adore Fleetwood Mac...just awesome!

Stolen Sentiments said...

@ Meghan - It is fun! And thank YOU for following!!

@ Heather - Me too! And apparently my whole life! Thanks for visiting - come back anytime! :)

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