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Friday, April 15, 2011

Letter Read

What a fun, fun little Link Up!  It's "Passing Notes" day!!  The task is to handwrite or draw or doodle or whatever something - just like you did in grade school - and then post it! 

Passing Notes at O. is Me!

Katie over at Words By Katie listed her favorite things about living alone.  Meg, the host of "Passing Notes" at O. is Me, listed the fun stuff she wants to do this summer.  

I LOOOOOOVE writing with markers and doodling and making up stupid poems and listing song lyrics.  Apparently, I always have.  I kept a notebook back in high school that I shared with friends.  We passed notes in it, wrote poetry, and drew each other pictures.  AND – I still have it!  So, instead of drawing something new for you guys today, I decided to post some  “vintage” notes – circa 1994 (sophomore year).  Hope you enjoy my dorkiness!  Don’t mock me too much…

I swear this is real.  Classic!  I’m appalled at my grammar, though.  The smartass response, however?  No surprise. 

(Side note – I forgot my little notebook in Bio one day.  My teacher decided to put it up on the chalk-dish at the blackboard so I could claim it.  She felt the need to turn it to this page before she did so.  It sat there for all to see for two days.  That wasn’t at all embarrassing.) 

This is pretty self-explanatory.  Totally random and a bit ridiculous, perhaps, but self-explanatory nonetheless.

J-Non – my “bestie” for the last 20 years practically – decided the other shoe deserved some attention…

How am I an accountant/attorney and not a world-renowned artist right now, I don’t know.   (Note the song lyrics in the upper right-hand corner.  This was a favorite pastime of mine – drawing pictures to go with songs.  See?  Here' are some more...)

 Alrighty, I’ll stop now.  How fun was this (for me, anyway)?  Hope you enjoyed getting inside my adolescent head.  Now, go pass a note to somebody! 



J-non said...

Oh my! Thanks for spreading the embarrassment around! I actually remember a lot of these... but I did NOT remember the other-shoe poem. Please, please tell me I wrote that in 3 minutes on a whim. I will stay awake tonight terrified that that was the product of an earnest creative endeavor!
Poor chapstick. Poor shoe.

Meg O. said...

First of all, thank you so much for linking up today with me! We do this every Friday, so I hope you have more where that came from!!

OMG... seriously -- you win for most creative post today! I literally was laughing out loud reading your poem about the shoe. I am just wondering - why was your shoe in the road and why do you keep running over it?!?! lol!!!

Missy said...

They are so cute!! It's amazing what you find when you look back over old stuff!

Just stopping by from passing notes!

Cheeseboy said...

Ha! That other shoe one was pretty good. I should have the teenage version of you guest post on my blog sometime.

J-non said...

Oh, Cheeseboy, SS's teenage self would be an *excellent* blog guest.

Stolen Sentiments said...

@ J-Non: Hee, hee, hee. :)

@ Meg: What a fun idea! I'll definitely be linking up again. :) Thanks for checking out the blog!

@ Missy: Thanks for stopping by! Hope you'll come back again!

@ Cheeseboy: J-Non gets all the credit for the "Other Shoe" poem, but if you're still interested in a guest post from me, I'd be thrilled! :) Otherwise - I have another "J-Non Original" you might want to use. That is, if she'll release the publishing rights... ;)

@ J-Non again: SOOOOO fun to find these and remember them. I love you!

Katie said...

Lightning Crashes was one of my absolute favorite songs in middle school!! This is hilarious. :)

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