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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saved By the Bell - Saturday

Howdy, folks!  Sorry I've been so sporadic lately.  It's been a crazy time in the life of your Song Master.  Part of what's made my day-to-day so nutty is the start of concert season!  Yay!!!  Seven lined up so far this summer, starting with Panic! at the Disco last night, and James Taylor tonight.  (Did I mention that I'm a "contradiction in every way"?)  Last night's show was a date with NewB and some pals and tonight's was a date with dear old Dad (our 3rd time seeing the original JT together).  

My friend Timmy, one of those pals who accompanied me to Panic! last night, reminded me of one of the most classic of all SBTB episodes EVER the other day.  Since it kind of fits in with the start of concert season, I thought we'd take a look back to the "Rockumentary" episode in the this week's installment of SBTB Saturday!  Woot!

Remember Zack's kick-ass band? 

They were so uber talented! It's terrifying to think we almost lost them to their petty spats, egomania, and power plays. 

(Can't exactly remember why Screech is dressed like some kind of priest...)

But, as Kasey Kasem so brilliantly divulged in Zack's elaborate daydream/fantasy/imaginary Behind The Music installment, fame was almost too much to handle for our blonde heartthrob. (As was that trashy pedophile manager of his...  Stay tuned - one of these days I'll actually get around to posting the SBTB Saturday edition on age-inappropriate relationships that's been floating around my head since the theme's inception.) 

Thank goodness the Bayside High gang learned a valuable lesson on standing by your besties and getting back to your roots (i.e. The Max),   

otherwise, we might not ever have been graced with this little ditty:  

"Friends forever" Zack Attack
Tags: "Friends forever" Zack Attack

"Friends Forever.  It's a nice idea."  

Side note - "Rockumentary" wasn't the first time we were introduced to the "Friends Forever" sentiment.  Remember "The Friendship Business"?  When, for a class project, the gang sells friendship bracelets?  Only, Zack again gets a little greedy (common theme in SBTB), forcing Jessie, Kelly, and Slater to come up with the even awesomer "Buddy Bands".  In case you forgot: 

You can thank me later for that one.  

(Don't worry, though.  They realize in the end that working together -and "Luv Cuffs" - are the way to go.)


Katie said...

Oh Zack Attack... That was some musical genius. :)

Cheeseboy said...

Zach Attack! They ruled. Dig this post.

Anonymous said...

Dude? Where are you? Come back!

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