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Monday, May 2, 2011

Waist So Skinny - Mondays

  Better this week, but barely... 

Weight: -0.1 lbs
Times Exercised (If you count the two days of yard-work I did, which, I do...): 2
Days I Tracked Points: 0 
Splurges: A lot 

To give myself credit, I had to overcome some outstanding obstacles this week in order to NOT balloon up like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.  And, so as to rationalize my paltry performance (at least to myself), I shall regale you with the list of those obstacles: 

Odds Defied; Week Five:

1. I was traveling again for work.  To the extraordinarily depressing town of Reading, PA.  
2. In said hell-hole I found an incredible little diner that served a delightful French Combo.  Brie omelet with pumpkin bread French Toast?  Yes, please!
3. I got sworn into the State Bar (yay, me!) and celebrated over a Melting Pot feast. 
4. I drank YET ANOTHER Chick-fil-a milkshake while running errands.  (Hmm... I guess this doesn't really count as a defied odd, but rather a flat-out failure...) 
5. I was insanely tired.  
6. New Boy (we shall call him, NewB) is quite distracting.
7. So is really crappy TV.

Yet, despite my ridiculous caloric intake, infinite distractions, and intense level of sleep deprivation, I still managed to lose! Imagine what I could do if I actually put my mind to it... 


Bridgette said...

Yard work totally counts! I did some myself and let me tell you -- after doing that I feel muscles I didn't even know I had. The treadmill doesn't do that for me.

Stolen Sentiments said...

SO true. I am still sore. (But, I am also PATHETICALLY out of shape...)

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