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Friday, May 20, 2011

Every Picture Tells A Story

My, Oh My, peeps - has this been a crazy couple of weeks!  (That almost rhymes.)  I thought about debriefing you all on the myriad of events that have taken place since I posted my masterful mixes last week, but then I realized I'd prefer it if you all kept reading my blog.  I still want to tell my story, but I figure since the average blog reader has the blogging attention span of a pre-schooler (or, maybe that's just me), it might be more entertaining to tell my story in pictures.  You can interpret them how you like: 

(Oh, I will tell you that the GORGEOUS baby boy is my new nephew Logan - born last Thursday.  He's perfect!)

(And - some of these pictures come right out of email conversations between NewB and me, which often contain funny images that sum up our goings on.)

(Disclaimer: All of the following images are stolen from other sites.  Thanks to Allie at Hyperbole & a Half and all the others from whom NewB and I pilfered.)


(I half expected to see this guy pop out from some dark corner:) 


Blah, I am just terrible today…


Figure 2: Life worth living
Figure 3: Soul crushing disappointment

My favorite part.



I’m guessing figure 2 is me and you and figure 3 is just you now?

Here’s a couple for you J

The End. 


Cheeseboy said...

Holy cow, I can't even imagine how long it took you to put this all together. The maze/laberynth had me cracking up. Too bad Mr. Ground Control didn't show up.

That is one cute kid.

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