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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Downward Spiral

1:54 am.  Must have draft of 75 page application to client by tonight.  I am only halfway done.  Now, I'm thinking that "tonight" can be interpreted subjectively.  I'm thinking it'll probably be 4:00 am Thursday morning.  It's still dark then.  That counts as night, right?  Considering the push for this draft is to accommodate the client's vacation plans, and considering I am not allowed to have my own vacation plans since I will be spending the weekend in the office, I say 4:00 am, it is.  And they should be damn grateful.   

Moving on.  In today's (yet another) cop-out post, I am directing you to another blog.  Probably a stupid move, as I am shocked I have any readers left at all after my essentially month-long hiatus, and by introducing you to this blog, I am encouraging your defection from mine.  But, I'm doing it anyway because this post is just too frickin' hilarious not to share.  And, it pretty much sums up my entire month.  

Treat yourself to a hearty, raucous belly laugh: 


PAIN SCALE (also stolen from courtesy of Hyperbole and a Half): 

I'll give you three guesses as to where I currently fall on the scale (or off of it, as the case may be)... 


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